Bos Exhausts: Dutch design in motorcycle exhaust systems

Since 1976 Bos Exhausts has steadily built a reputation for itself when it comes to innovative exhaust systems. Drawing on these forty years of experience with various types of exhaust systems such as those for street bikes, cruisers, custom built bikes, off-roads, scooters and special projects including exhausts in motor racing, we launch a sensational line of exhaust systems that perfectly matches the design and feel of today’s motorcycles.

The Bos Exhausts concept has been tried and tested over the years. New technologies and feedback from racing teams that we sponsor are immediately used to advantage in the production process. Every new system is put to the test on our Dynojet in order to ensure more power output while retaining that awesome Bos sound. To this very day we apply all our experience and know-how exclusively to the production of motorcycle exhaust systems.

The design of any exhaust system naturally has to perfectly fit the usually ergonomic design of a motorcycle in such a way that maximum ground clearance can be realized.
All our systems are produced using the latest technology by our skilled employees who are proud of every single muffler.

Even today we put our exhaust systems together by hand to provide each and every customer with absolute top quality. The power and thrill of our latest generation of exhaust systems add an extra dimension to your motorcycle which you simply have to experience.

Allow yourself to enjoy an original Bos Exhaust system and experience pure power in sound, performance and styling!

Ron Bos about the latest DesertFox exhausts…

“As passionate as I’ve been about motorcycles and riding them for as long as I can remember, there’s nothing I enjoy more than rethinking and producing exhaust systems.
To find the perfect balance between design, sound and performance simply is an amazing challenge.

In the middle of 2008 -after having created the already sensational SlingShot system –
I started working on perfecting an exhaust system that would fit the styling of modern-day motorcycles even better. Very quickly the Bos design team and I concluded that the conventional designs we had used thus far had to be reshaped.

Quite a bit of research and several prototypes later, the new line of exhausts began to take shape. However, the shorter length and the slanting lines brought about a good deal of technical challenges. The shapes of the exhaust box and the decorative bands were so specific they could only be produced by using laser cut technology. Furthermore, the bowls of the DesertFox series could only be realized by means of high pressure hydraulic fluid.

Finally, the DesertFox system has moved from the testing stage to the manufacturing process and is now available in several great-looking models. Don’t hesitate to try them out. I wish you much riding pleasure!”