Because your new
BMW R1250GS only deserves
the best!

This impressive BMW R1250GS and Adventure can master any surface. But it gets even more exciting with the new Euro 4 approved Bos DesertFox EVO exhaust! Including heat shield, titanium connection pipe and eye catching black scratch protector, this exhaust system will satisfy your every wish!

The DesertFox EVO Black Coated or Carbon Steel exhaust system is also available for the BMW R1250GS HP and HP Adventure (HP Scratch protector and mouting flange in blue). Don’t hesitate, order now and experience the difference!

Publication and photos BOS NineT in KicXstart Magazine

We are very proud that KicXstart magazine was interested to inform their readers about our fantastic custom made Bos NineT. As we previously reported we introduced this NineT at the Glemseck race in 2018 and Nate Kern drove our Bos NineT to claim third prize!

Since that amazing performance we had many requests for this special exhaust system from customers all over Europe. Due to the high demand, it can take some time to receive your Bos Exhaust system. However, the good news is that these are still available for your R NineT.

Thank you for visiting our exhibition stand at Motorräder Dortmund!

We sincerely hope you have found the exhaust you were looking for! With almost 36.000 square meters this was one of the biggest Motor trade shows in Germany. We have shown you many new exhausts systems and some custom made systems. If you still have any questions about our exhausts, please do not hesitate to contact us. Whatever the exhausts system you’re looking for, we are happy to help you!

The facts behind the Euro 4 standard for motorcycles

All new models of 125 cc and up must comply with the Euro 4 regulations as of the 1st of January 2016. For existing Euro 3 models manufacturers have two options: either they adjust the model in question before the 1st of January 2017 to create a Euro 4 model or they catalogue the individual model as a predictive model and they have until the 31st of December 2018 to sell their stock -under certain conditions-.

This means that the dynamic noise must be reduced by Euro 4 with a few dB (A). Your Euro 3 muffler was allowed to make up to 80 dB (A), this is now reduced to 77 dB (A).

The well-known (removable) Db-eaters are not allowed anymore. A Db-eater must be permanently attached now, so that you have to seriously damage your exhaust to remove the Db-eater. The widely used excuse to the police: “Sorry, my Db-eater was really installed and must have fallen during the ride!” is no longer possible!

And then, the electronically controlled valves. This may be used, provided that they always work properly and are not installed with a ‘test cycle’ recognition. Electronics can recognize a ‘test cycle’ and then switch to a special program in which the valve closes and thus is suddenly much quieter. In the media, this software has become known as the ‘tamper software’.

For us as an exhaust manufacturer any new standard means a new set of challenges. Besides all modifications to produce a beautiful and better sounding exhaust, inspections have become more complicated and a costly procedure. Each new exhaust undergoes a rigorous and extensive sound test on special asphalt, before any (type) approval is given.

And perhaps you did not know it yet. As of 2020 the even stricter Euro 5 standard for all motor vehicles will be introduced.

Easy webshop ordering is now available wherever you live!

All our exhausts can be ordered from the convenience of your own home! Just press the ‘to the webshop’ button and you will go to our webshop.

You can order the perfect exhaust for your bike, day our night. And if you might live in a region where our webshop doesn’t deliver, please contact our head office in the Netherlands and we will do our best to find another solution.